Architecture & Academe: College Buildings in New England before 1860

By Bryant F. Tolles, Jr.

The unique and influential architecture of sixteen New England colleges

The colonial facade and weathered brick of the New England college and university campus is one of the most enduring and iconic of all American images, but the architectural genre has rarely been studied across institutions.  In this lavishly illustrated and insightful study of antebellum college architecture, Bryant F. Tolles, Jr., discusses the historic New England origins and development of college building design and campus planning principles, finding profound similarities in collegiate architecture in the region, along with equally important deviations and institutional idiosyncrasies.  Focusing on the architecture and related history of individual buildings, their functions, and their interrelationships with the other buildings of their respective campus environments, Tolles has written a fascinating and accessible guide to New England college architecture for the interested lay reader and scholar, and a must-have for regional libraries and architectural collections.

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Bowdoin Daily Sun: Bowdoin Featured in ‘Architecture & Academe’ (Inside Higher Ed)

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