As It Began to Dawn...

“As it began to dawn...” (CD, 79 minutes)


Bowdoin Chorus and Mozart Mentors Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Antolini ‘63, perform the world premiere performance of Delmar Dustin Small's As It Began to Dawn... – an oratorio about the awe and mystery of the morning of the Resurrection and Jesus's subsequent appearances to his disciples. 


An Oratorio for Holy Saturday or Eastertide by Delmar Dustin Small


Part One


1 Prelude 

2 Convocation: Come Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain 

3 He Who Gave For Us His Life 

4 Dignus es 

5 Agnus dei

6Strange and Dreadful Strife  

7 O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

8 Royal Feast

Who Shall Roll Away the Stone?

10 Behold, There Was a Great Earthquake

11 Missive

12 Christ My Hope Is Arisen

13 The Beaman Fugue: ‘Tis the Spring of Souls Today


Part Two


14 Come, See the Place

15 Recitative: Go Quickly and Tell His Disciples

16 Abide With Us

17 This Do in Remembrance of Me

18 Love One Another

19Let Us Feast This Holy Day

20 We Are the Lord’s

21 Lo, I Am With You Alway

22 Neither Might the Gates of Death

23 Benediction

24 Alleluia. Amen.

Model #: BCD026


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