• Framed Bowdoin Papercuts from Art-Shelf

Framed Bowdoin Papercuts from Art-Shelf

Much like Matisse’s “gouaches découpés,” which he created by deftly shaping works of art using just papers and scissors, Art-Shelf offers paper cutouts of our favorite Polar Bear mascot. Choose from 2 different options to hang in your office, at home or to give as a gift and keep a piece of Bowdoin with you wherever you go.

About Josh King and Art-Shelf: Josh King, Bowdoin graduate from the class of 2010, created Art-Shelf (www.art-shelf.com) in the fall of 2013 when he noticed an abundance of skilled artisans with no means of connecting to hopeful buyers. Today, Art-Shelf provides an online marketplace to introduce consumers to a range of artists, from photographers to soapstone craftsmen, with the opportunity to give back to many leading charities.

Model #: BGIFT143


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