Plants and Flowers of Maine: Kate Furbish's Watercolors

Illustrated by Kate Furbish
Foreword by Richard H. F. Lindemann
Introduction by Melissa Dow Cullina

Celebrating the life and work of botanist Kate Furbish, Rowman and Littlefield is pleased to partner with the Bowdoin College Library to publish the first ever catalog of Furbish’s artwork.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in a field dominated by her male counterparts, Kate Furbish made a name for herself traveling the length and breadth of Maine, collecting, classifying, and illustrating the native flora of the state. She discovered two previously unknown plants, which were named for her, and devoted sixty years of her life to this endeavor, producing over 1,000 illustrations, most of which are now housed at the Bowdoin College Library.
Plants and Flowers of Maine: Kate Furbish's Watercolors presents nearly 1,300 of Furbish’s color paintings, all printed full size. This large format, two-volume set is a treat for the eyes and an almanac of the rich variety of plant life to be found in Maine. It is also a testament to Kate Furbish’s lifelong passion to record all of Maine's plants and flowers in meticulous watercolor paintings.

- From the publisher

Oversized 2-volume hardcover set; each volume measures 13 1/2 x 18 inches.

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