There Is No Finish Line: The Joan Benoit Samuelson Story

 There Is No Finish Line is a testament to the power that running can bring to our lives.  This film celebrates the life and spirit of Joan Benoit Samuelson (Joanie) [Class of 1979], the first woman Olympic Gold medalist in the marathon.

Within the film are the historic moments of Joanie's improbable 1984 Olympic Gold Medal, her world record performances in Boston and Chicago, of the times before Title IX, and her role in changing the perception of female running potential—breaking barriers and inspiring women and men thereafter.

The heart of the film follows Joanie as she is today, training on the trails of her home state of Maine, while still fitting in organic gardening, environmental conservation and time with her family.  Her journey climaxes with an inspiring effort at the 2010 Chicago Marathon where she becomes the first woman to break 3-hours in five different decades!

In the end There Is No Finish Line ... proving whenever and however Joanie's competitive career ends, her spirit and life accomplishments will remain, firing us up to go after our passions, whatever they may be.

- From the back.

DVD, approximately 48 minutes.

Model #: DVD001


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