About Us

The Bowdoin Store is owned and operated by Bowdoin College and supports the educational mission of the College by providing quality products and personalized service while striving in our business practices to integrate appropriate economic, environmental, and social concerns.

We have goods from the Bowdoin Store in David Saul Smith Union, The Bowdoin College Museum of Art, and the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, all located in Brunswick, Maine.

The Bowdoin Store is committed to providing eco-friendly products and participates in eco-friendly practices in providing its service.

We believe that any products bearing the Bowdoin name or logo should be manufactured with the same values and commitment to human and environmental rights that we have at Bowdoin. We attempt to hold our manufacturers to this same standard by requesting that a copy of their corporate Code of Conduct be on file in our Smith Union store.  We are members of associations and buyers consortia that are committed to these issues.

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