Gift Card Use, Terms, & Conditions

Bowdoin Store gift cards are the property of the Bowdoin Store.  

Phone: 800-524-2225   


Terms and conditions: 

  • Protect this card and treat it as you would cash. 
  • The value of the card will not be replaced if stolen, damaged or lost.
  • Use of this card constitutes acceptance of these terms. 
  • This card may be used at the location displayed on the front of this card, and is redeemable in the store or by phone.
  • Bowdoin's preferred textbook provider,, does not accept Bowdoin Store gift cards as a method of payment.

 How to use this card: 

  • This card is redeemable for merchandise only.
  • The balance will remain on the card until redeemed or depleted.
  • Customers may request cash payment for card balances less than $5.00.  This request must be made in person at the Bowdoin Store, located in David Saul Smith Union on the Bowdoin College campus in Brunswick, Maine.

About this card:  This card is issued in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine.  It has no expiration date.