A Shower of Stars: The Medal of Honor and the 27th Maine

By John J. Pullen

Author John J. Pullen, during the course of research on the 20th Maine, came across an obscure note indicating that the 27th Maine, a group of nine-month volunteers from York County, had been issued 864 Medals of Honor - one for every member of the regiment - while the 20th Maine, having distinguished itself at Little Round Top, garnered only four such medals. Was this discovery the beginning of an untold story of extraordinary bravery, or was it an outrageous blunder? Civil War literature yielded nothing about this wholesale "shower of stars" that had rained down upon the little-known regiment. And, as Pullen tracked down its descendants, he found very little information on the whereabouts of those medals. Thus, a mystery was born.
- From the Jacket.

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