Brunswick and Bowdoin College

By Elizabeth Huntoon Coursen

Bowdoin is the quintessential New England college, and Brunswick is the quintessential New England town. Bowdoin has its stately buildings and trees, while Brunswick is blessed with a charming downtown featuring a pedestrian-friendly Maine Street of dramatic proportions. Chartered in the late 1700s, Bowdoin has been inextricably linked to the town of Brunswick for more than 200 years. Brunswick and Bowdoin College features vintage postcard views dating from the early 1900s through the late 1940s, providing an extraordinary visual reference for a time of enormous technological and social change, when Maine Street was transformed from a rutted dirt road to a paved thoroughfare, stables were supplanted by garages, buildings were constructed and razed, and merchants came and went.

Elizabeth Huntoon Coursen, an avid postcard collector, grew up in Brunswick in the 1960s. The first acquisition in her extensive Brunswick and Bowdoin collection, a printed view of early-1900s Maine Street, was purchased nearly 30 years ago and is included in Brunswick and Bowdoin College.
- From the back cover.

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