Infinite Persistence Life Book

By Gordon Weinberger '87

At age 28, Gordon Weinberger started his company, Gordon's Pies, in the sleepy little New Hampshire town of Londonderry.  With his great-grandma's pie recipe and two blue ribbons from the county fair pie contest, Weinberger pursued his dream of successfully branding the Great American Dessert.  By the time he was 33, he was a self-made millionaire -- and he had transformed his pie business from a roadside operation to a national, multi-million dollar corporation.

In his first book, Simple as Pie, Weinberger details his journey from popular success to the edge of bankruptcy to a multimillion-dollar, national brand carried by more than 1000 Wal-Mart SuperCenters across America.  Now Weinberger begins a new journey.  His "Never give up, no matter what" philosophy, born of his experiences in the pie business, crystallized during his three-year sabbatical following the sale of his company to Mrs. Smiths bakeries, now emerges in what he calls the Infinite Persistence Life Brand.

By exploring the power of a few simple ideas he discovered on his roller-coaster ride to success, Weinberger relates these concepts back to his own lessons and shows by his own example how Infinite Persistence can work to change lives.  In the Infinite Persistence Life Book, Weinberger seeks to lead others in discovering -- and reaching -- their own infinite potential.  Inspired by the mathematical equation of pi, the infinity of the circle and the timeless order of the universe that connects us all, the Infinite Persistence Life Book is more than just an idea -- it's a universally ordered system of thinking that has the power to change lives.
- From the jacket.

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